Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)is reconstituted with immediate effect to capture the entire event at campus. The following are being appointed as the committee members for duration of 2 years:

S. No. Name of member Role Contact Details
1. Dr. A. Muni Sankar Assoc. Professor of EEE Coordinator 8297818545
2. Sri M Aravind Joint Secretary Member 9849534565
3. Mr. Y. VenkataSai Asst. Professor of Civil Members 7995859697
4. Dr. Kannan Sri Hari Professor of CSE Members 9629837602
5. Dr.S. Nagaraju Assoc. Professor of ECE Members 9642073576
6. Mr. P Ramanjaneyulu Asst. Professor of EEE Members 7569340960
7. Ms. D.Sujatha Asst. Professor of Mech. Members 9177918136
8. Mr. P Sudheer Asst. Professor of BS&H Members 9701788404
9. Ms. T. Saritha Asst. Professor of MBA Member 9493064136
10. Ms. MattedduRicha Student Members 8978553725
11. Mr. AvasaaniDilip Kumar Student Members 9160655305
12. Mr. A. Saiganesh Student Members 9110382753
13. Mr. C Chethan Student Members 9177346680
14. Mr. B. Poornesh Kumar Student Members 7995803799
15. Ms. A.Hema Student Member 9705079212

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • IQAC will work towards standardization of activities and processes and strive for continuous improvements in standards and their achievement.
  • It will promote measures for institutional functioning towards continuous quality enhancement through quality culture and the establishment of best practices.
  • It will help to develop a sound basis for decisions required for improving institutional functioning and the building of an organized methodology of documentation
  • It will establish procedures and modalities to collect data and information on various aspects of institutional functioning for enabling easier and faster decision making
  • It will seek to achieve quality improvement by focusing on human resource development through education and training, which will help people do their job better.
  • It will enhance quality awareness within the institution and establish the credibility for external accreditation.
  • It will also work towards ensuring a heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  • It will bring about greater coordination among various departments and activities of the institution and institutionalization of all good practices
  • IQAC will coordinate the creation of an exclusive window on the college website to regularly inform the stakeholders about all its initiatives and make available all the relevant, reports, documents, templates and data.
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