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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

The Supreme Court of India (SCI) has issued very strict instruction to curb the menace of ragging in educational institutions. All the students and their parents are requested to read and understand its importance very carefully. Any student violating these instructions shall be immediately expelled from the institute and no claim of any nature is admissible to such students.

The SCI in the write petition (Civil) No. 656 of 1998 passed an order in 2001 in which it ordered educational institute “Ragging is banned in institution and any one including in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately, which punishment may include expulsion from the institute, suspension from the institute or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology”.

Principal – Office Order– Anti Ragging Committee – Appointment – Dated: 14-09-2023

Anti – Ragging Committee is reconstituted with immediate effect with an aim to make the Sree Rama Engineering College as Ragging Free Campus. The following members have been appointed as the committee members for duration of 2 years:

S. No Name of member Designation Department Role Contact Details
1 Prof. K. Jayachandra Principal CE Chairman 9492658105
2 Mr. C. Govardhan Assistant Professor CSE Coordinator 9963385690
3 Dr. Prabhakar Reddy HOD ECE Member 9440956561
4 Dr. A. Muni Sankar HOD EEE Member 8297818545
5 Dr. N. Deepak Kumar HOD CSE Member 6304440515
6 Dr. M. R. Pavan Kumar HOD AIDS Member 9652916364
7 Dr. G. Veeraswamy HOD CE Member 8125943104
8 Dr. M. S. Vasu HOD MBA Member 7330692733
9 Dr. K. Karunakar Reddy HOD BS & H Member 9908538468
10 Mr. I. S. Shabeer Ahmed HOD ME Member 9100361950
11 Mr. N. Vasu Associate Professor ECE Member 9032956809
12 Mr. B. Bala Krishna Bharath Associate Professor CE Member 8978975397
13 Mr. G. Lakshmi Kanth Associate Professor CSE Member 6300146556
14 B. Rakshitha – 224C1E000 I Year Student MBA Member 7671868965
15 M. Madhuri – 214C1A0487 II Year Student ECE Member 9701216070
16 D. Ramya – 214C1A0541 II Year Student CSE Member 9866033246
17 K. Hemanth Kumar – 214C1A0457 II Year Student ECE Member 9573799434
18 N. Sudharshan – 214C1A05B4 II Year Student CSE Member 9032771545
19 K. Neelima – 204C1A0470 III Year Student ECE Member 8374531976
20 N. Priyanka – 204C1A04A2 III Year Student ECE Member 6305359932
21 B. Mohan Reddy – 204C1A0417 III Year Student ECE Member 8688742915
22 G. Vishnuvardhan – 204C1A0561 III Year Student CSE Member 9346615770
23 Mr. K. Mahesh Reddy AO Office Member 9963466669
24 Mr. M. Sunil Naik Lab Technician ECE Member 9390009277
25 Mr. N. Ravi PED Office Member 9014205089
26 Mr. G. J. V. Dinakar Librarian Library Member 9849418357
27 Mr. T. Amarnatha Reddy Media Member Media Member 9951602971
28 Mr. K. Ramaiah Parent Parent Member 9840612826
29 Mr. C. Munirathnam Parent Parent Member 9866802433
30 Mr. K. Eswaraiah Sub-Inspector of Police Renigunta Police station Member 7416882041


Squard –I (college bus stop):
S.No Name ofthe staff Position Designation Mobileno
1 Mr. K. Ashok kumar Member Assistant Professor of MBA 8519969479
2 Mr. D. Nagendra babu Member Assistant Professor of ECE 8142982082
3 Mr. B. Uday Lokesh Member Assistant Professor of Civil 9676588948
Squard –II (Leelamahal bus stop):
S.No Name ofthe Staff Position Designation MobileNo
1 Mr. K. Sarada Siva Reddy Member Associate Professor of MBA 9490027974
2 Mr. K. Sivaprasad Member Assistant Professor of ME 8074226882
3 Mr. B. Anil Kumar Member Assistant Professor of EEE 9160195157
Squard –III (college bus stop):
S.No Name ofthe staff Position Designation Mobileno
1 Ms. S. Mounica Sowjanya Member Assistant Professor of Civil 8142227138
2 Ms. S. Shameen Taj Member Assistant Professor of CSE 9493280970
3 Ms. T. L. Rekhareddy Member Assistant Professor of ECE 9845523459
Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the institute level.
  2. To monitor and oversee the performance of anti-ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.
  3. To make surprise raids on hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents of and having t potential of ragging.
  4. To conduct on the spot enquiry into any incident of ragging.
  • Slogan writing competition held on 21/09/2023
  • Essay writing competition held on 23/09/2023
  • Poster presentation held on 26/09/2023
  • Awareness videos on anti-ragging

Poster Making

Essay Writing

Slogan Writing

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