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Essential Documents

Online Grievance Download
Anti Raggig Comittee Download
GRC Download
ICC Download
IQAC Download
Barrier Free Environment Download
Fire and Saferty Certificate Download
Training Policy of Teacher Download
Induction Programme report Download
MOUs Download
NAD Download
Safety and Security Measures Download
Food Safety Download
Digital Payments Download
Mandatory Disclosure Screen Shot Download
Portable Water Supply Download
Electrical Grid Power Supply Download
Back-up Power and Solar Panels Download
Sports Facilities Download
Waste Management Download
Feedback Facility Link Download
First Aid and Sick Room Download
Weather Proof Approach Roads Download
Industry Institute Cell Download
LOA, LOI and EOA Download
Vehicle Parking Download
General Notice Boards Download
Display of Courses and Intake Download
24X7 Women Help line Download

Desirable Documents

Implementation of Schemes by GOI signed Download
Implementation of Schemes by GOI Download
Skill Development Courses Download
Fabrication Lab Equipment Download
Solar Power Plant Download
Public Announcement System Download
ERP Document Download
Gate Scorecard – Harish Download
Report Internal Hackathon Download
Internships Download
Transport Facility Download
Projectors in Class room Download
Auditorium Download
Display of Courses and Intake Download
IPR CELL Download
UBA Download
IIC – Start up Policy Download
Media Cell Download
NIRF Download
ARIIA Ranking Download
Measures taken for Cyber Security Download
Sanitory napkin vending machine Download
Rain water Harvesting pits Download
Examination Reforms Download
NDL Membership Download
Undertaking for Internships Download