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Basic Science and Humanities

Basic Science and Humanities


The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities started from the inception of the college. Knowledge in Basic Science is the base of Engineering. This Department is devoted to forward the fundamental principles and understanding of science to enhance the Students’s basic knowledge in Engineering.

The Department constitute different subjects of study namely, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Environmental Science. The students of our college are highly benefited by the knowledge and experience of doctorates and well experienced, highly qualified and dedicated faculty members.

The department has English Language Communication Skills Lab with Walden Software, physics lab and Chemistry Lab and advanced department library facilities.

Additionally , the Department aims to remit the best for society by transmit quality education to stimulate the spirit of probe in the students, a passion to acquire skills, knowledge to enrich their lives to widen their intellectual and entrepreneurship qualities.


To endow a tenacious foundation in the subjects of Science, Mathematics and prepare them for higher learning.


  • To afford the foundation to produce graduates performed to integrity, professionalism and life long learning by enlarging their knowledge.
  • Assimilate communication skills and inculcate human and ethical and professional values among students.
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